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8 ~ 1982, we become equestrian

In 1982 I again went to the Mendocino country dance camp, and brought back some Bledington dances.


(1982, from left,
Christine & Rosemary;
Julia, Hank with the horse, Bonnie)

1982 was the year we acquired our hobby horse, donated to us by a senior citizens' group in Vancouver who had been performing Morris for about a decade and wanted to try something different.

Hobby 2
(This single sentence generated twenty-four years later a stimulating exchange of emails with Norman Stanfield, WHICH WILL BE described later in this page.)

Most of our members have families and a corresponding shortage of time to attend to correspondence and administration, one effect being that we have made few attempts to contact other groups in the Paclfic Northwest.


In 1980, however, we hosted Gasworks Morris from Seattle; and for the ICA's Folkfest in 1983 we put on joint performances with visitors from the Vancouver Morris Men and Madcap Morris from Seattle, plus Eric Foxley from Nottingham Foresters Morris Men (over here for a summer teaching assignment at the University of Victoria).

(1983, Vancouver Morris Men)