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7 ~ 1980, birth of Hollytree, a mixed side

In 1980 the Victoria Morris Men and the women's side formally joined forces to become the Hollytree Morris Dancers, a name chosen for two reasons: the species' ancient symbolism, and Victoria's holly-growing industry.

The women's costume, green corduroy knee-breeches and white blouse, was augmented by a vest in a small floral pattern on a black ground, with red edging and, on the back, a holly tree design and the words *Hollytree Morris" in white letters.

Carol C wedding

The formal creation of a club made us eligible to apply for financial assistance from the BC Cultural Fund, which in turn enabled us to rent school premises for regular practices. At the same time we began a log of performances, to support future grant applications.

During 1980 we began adding Bampton dances to our repertoire, following my attending the Mendocino country dance camp.

In 1981 some members formed a separate group, preferring spontaneous dance-outs, rather than our planned perfomances, some of which happened through our Inter-Cultural Association connexion.

In 1981 we were invited to the BC Folkfest, held in Prince Rupert.