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Reminiscences of a Victorian Squire
1 ~ Introduction

Actually, when I say "Victorian," I do live in Victoria. And I really was, for a while, "Squire" ~ of a Morris Dance team, I mean. Admittedly neither I nor Christine look at all like the couple in the picture. They are William Thomas & Sophia Penelope Horner, Earl & Countess of Ilchester. By coincidence, a sister-in-law and a brother-in-law of my mother's each had an ancestor in Ilchester, Somerset ~ so there is some connexion.

Art Gallery

(1981, Victoria Art Gallery ~
after the women's
and men's sides combined,
and before they adopted
a common costume)

I have created this web site as a history of Hollytree's first ten years, including the period before it took its present name.

I have copied in the following pages ~ in plain "sans-serif" typeface ~ the ten-year history I wrote in 1984 at the invitation of the American Morris Newsletter, who had embarked on a project of publishing histories from various Morris teams, starting with us.

I have also copied ~ again in plain sans-serif typeface ~ the report I wrote in 1978 on our participation in the folklore festival of St-Octave de l'Avenir in the Gaspé.

Memory can be fallible, and also different people pay attention to different things. Records written within ten years, however, are more credible than the memory after a lapse of two or three decades. For example, when I came across my report on St-Octave, I had no recollection after all these years of some of the information set down there in my own hand. (That's the point of writing things down on pieces of paper.)

I have added ~ in this "serif" typeface ~ other memories and comments, and I have included a selection of photos ~ which themselves have in their turn aroused memories.

Contributions of more photos and memories from 1974-1984 are welcome, and I will do my best to accommodate them. Hollytree's history after 1984 I leave to someone else to take on, as my hands are full; although for that undertaking, I do have some contributions available.